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Windows of Wisdom

Nov 15, 2019

Fear of Aging, Manifesting, anticipation of the future, Appreciating and documenting our life journey, Taking action to create the best journey possible. Tarot card The Fool, Looking at life with child like innocence, and facing our journey with pure intent and Fun!

Nov 13, 2019

November Celebrate Completions, Out with the Old Ritual, The Magicians Tarot Card, Manefesting and visualizations, Karma energy, Law of attraction

Oct 24, 2019

October is Mystical, honoring our ancestors, connecting with loved ones + Rememberance Ritual!

Oct 16, 2019

This week Annette sits down to interview Angie D'Anjou. Angie is a spiritual advisor, host of PBS show Awakening Moments.

Paranormal investigator, Master teacher of several healing modalities, tarot reader, host and organizer of psychic fairs and gatherings for...

Sep 25, 2019

Annette returns to Boston, and discusses the fall equinox, letting go of negative energy and focusing on balance. Balancing all houses. (Health and Wellness, Work and Finance, Family and Relationships) Think deeply about what energy needs to be focused in those areas, and the importance of our energy during the...